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Windows Ars takes a quick look at Vista RC1, and concludes: "Using it as my daily workhorse for two weeks has taught me a lot of things, the first of which is that Vista is doing better than many of its critics are claiming. A day after RC1 was available to select partners, the wires lit up with story after story about how 'Vista isn't ready'. No, it's not ready. It's a release candidate, at best, a late-stage beta at worst. Having actually used the OS for a while, I'm not so sure that the sky is falling claims have much merit."
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RE[5]: Vista RC1 is still better
by blitze on Wed 20th Sep 2006 05:18 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Vista RC1 is still better"
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aent, are you trying to tell me that with a release for Edgy Eft due in October Knot 2 and Knot 3 are only Alpha State releases?

Wouldn't the Ubuntu team be cutting it way short if that was the case?

At least Vista is getting a second Release Candidate and will not be let out onto the public until early next year at the very earliest.

I am more of the thinking that they are at a relatively similar state of development but with Vista it is of a less evolving natuture compared to Linux as when MS gets a solid release they usually sit on it for a while where as Linux continues (Ubuntu 6mth release schedule).

In a word, both a far from ready at this point in time.

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