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Windows Ars takes a quick look at Vista RC1, and concludes: "Using it as my daily workhorse for two weeks has taught me a lot of things, the first of which is that Vista is doing better than many of its critics are claiming. A day after RC1 was available to select partners, the wires lit up with story after story about how 'Vista isn't ready'. No, it's not ready. It's a release candidate, at best, a late-stage beta at worst. Having actually used the OS for a while, I'm not so sure that the sky is falling claims have much merit."
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Release Builds
by blitze on Wed 20th Sep 2006 11:19 UTC
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Given that Knot 2 and 3 are Alpha states, what then, should I consider as comparable with a MS RC1 Build in the Ubuntu world.

As for the detractor stating to try something else than Ubuntu as there is more in the Linux world than just that, Well, Da. I have used RedHat, Suse, Arch Linux, Gentoo, waht I am pointing out is that the "user friendly and popular with good devloper support" Linux distribution is far from perfect. Also the average computer user can't give a flying F as to all the limitless distros and competition out there in Linux land. At the end of the day they want something that is easy to use, understand and that works.

Until Linux geeks get that into their head, Linux will remain a neich product on the desktop. With Haiku and some other projects maturing out there that look to address these issues, Linux as a desktop experience had better get its ass into gear. No more, no less.

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