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Legal Andy Martin of The Committee to Fight Microsoft on Tuesday announced his intentions to block Microsoft from releasing its Windows Vista operating system. Martin intends to ask Microsoft for an unconditional warranty that the operating system is free of bugs that could result in security vulnerabilities. He argues that no company in America gets away with selling a "defective" product the way Microsoft does.
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RE[5]: Idiot
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 10th Aug 2005 12:16 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Idiot"
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Your original post said that (and I'll quote):

"According to this guy's logic, I can sue politicians because they lie their assess off (maybe he should sue Bush and Blair because there weren't any weapons of mass destruction, even though they said so) ?"

And basically implied that it was wrong to make politicians accountable.

Huh? Look at what I'm saying: "maybe *he* should sue..." You are mis-interpreting my words there. Nowhere in that post did I say politicians *should not* be held accountable; I used politicians as an example because he himself basically is one. Get it?

You should really read my blog sometimes if you think what you posted above about me being a sheep. You'll be pleasantly (or not pleasantly? I don't know your political viewpoints) surprised.

You posted it [I suspect], because there was nothing better to do, it's sensationalism at it's best, and that attracts readers. More readers, means more advertisers, which means more money.

In case you don't know, we don't get payed here at OSNews. We work on a voluntary basis. I couldn't give a rat's ass about imaginary income. The only income I care about is the cold hard cash that's on my paycheck from the shop I work at.

At least is posting anti Microsoft news, it makes a good turn from the anti Linux, anti GPL, anti FSF, anti Richard Stallman stories that usually abound.

Really? We do? Funny, in that anti-Microsoft thread a few weeks ago we got accused of being anti-MS... And in that KDE thread to be anti-Gnome... And in that X thread that we're anti-Y...


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