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Windows "Windows Vista is actually quite interesting for an administrator. When I first saw it on MSDN, I thought, "Over 2 Gig's. What could they have done for it to be that large without the drastic new UI?" Well, I have been looking at this thing for about a week now and I uncover more and more each time that I look into it. I am going to cover some of the enhancements that Vista will provide for administrators as well as a few neat little tidbits that I have not seen much of."
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"Good luck, I'll stick with open source software; when it's bloated at least I can look in and see WHY."

Well duh. You only have to take a look at the package lists for any given Linux distribution to see why they're so bloated, and of course that has nothing to do with the ability to see the source code (making your point both rediculous and moot).

I like source code as much as the next computer geek, but gawd, the things you people come up with as reasons for you choices and preferences... absolutely bewildering.

Fedora core is far more bloated than Windows Vista, and much of it is redundant functionality and don't get me started on the brain-dead dependancy set that requires one to download *all four* cd images to do a "personal desktop" installation when the required packages would fit just nicely on *one* (assuming of course that you're not doing a network install).

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