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OpenBSD Pre-orders for OpenBSD 4.0 are now available in the online store. Five architectures on three CDs in a soft-shell DVD case. Check out the highlights of OpenBSD 4.0. This new release adds support for many wireless chipsets, as well as support for the UltraSPARC III, and much, much more.
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RE[2]: International Postage $?
by nighty5 on Thu 21st Sep 2006 03:43 UTC in reply to "RE: International Postage $?"
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The wonders of computers can usually work this stuff out based on the number of items. Most sites I've bought online provide at the very least a guide to what it should cost, without leaving you in the leech.

I will email them and ask them, charging back whatever it costs isn't good enough because the cost could far outway the cost of the product which I have seen in some cases.

E.g buy a t-shirt on thinkgeek costs $25USD for delivery which isn't worth it for international orders.

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