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Mac OS X Apparantly, it's damn lies statistics time again in the Apple world, boys and girls. A few days ago, Net Applications published OS market share figures which showed that the market share of the Mac OS remained largely flat over the past year. However, today, the Switchtoamac website posted an article which looks at the same set of figures in a different way, only to conclude that when you compare last year's figures to this year's, the Mac OS has risen 25% in marketshare. We all know the saying: there are lies... Damn lies... Funny detail: while the debate rages on about half percentage points for the Mac OS, Windows XP increased its share by 8 percent the past 12 months. According to these figures, of course.
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RE[2]: The monopoly continues
by proftv on Thu 21st Sep 2006 17:39 UTC in reply to "RE: The monopoly continues"
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"The question of ever getting real competition again should be decided by the marketplace and innovation...not by politicians."

I think you may need to do a little more research into the the history of monopoly and it's detriment on innovation. I'm all for the free market but it is not perfect in of itself. It is governed by laws to protect the consumer and businesses alike from unfair and anticompetitive business practices which eventually lead to monopoly. Microsoft is guilty of these practices and have been ruled many times to be a monopoly. They don't sustain dominance through innovation, they sustain it through monopoly. The best way to break that cycle is to hold them to the law. Too bad our corrupt government can't do that anymore.

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