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SkyOS SkyOS has gotten printing support using CUPS. "With the Printer Configuration it is now very easy to add and manage your printers, be it locally connected (USB) or network (Windows, Linux, Samba, IPP) printers. The entire printing system is implemented as a service (like most other SkyOS Subsystems), which can easily be enabled/disabled on demand. With roughly 1000 supported printers the next SkyOS build will enable you to print your favorite documents in various formats."
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RE: SkyOS?
by Beta on Thu 21st Sep 2006 19:54 UTC in reply to "SkyOS?"
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Every so often this exact comment recurs. Which is just puzzling, considering you're at a *swear* OS News site.

What exactly is SkyOS?

Googling would probably give you a quicker and more succinct answer than waiting for people such as myself to answer you.

How is it different from Windows and Unix?

The above reply could apply here too, but an easy answer is, it's just not Windows or Unix.

What problem are they trying to solve?

Running software on a computing device ?

Why should I care?

I'll point you back to the top of my comment, you're reading an OS News site. If you don't care about OSes, what the hell are you doing here ?
Why you were given + points, I couldn't guess.

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