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AMD AMD chief executive Hector Ruiz said Wednesday that Apple will eventually use its microprocessors alongside those from Intel. Ruiz made the comments during a dinner speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, according to Bloomberg. "Everybody wants choice," he said, adding that rival Intel's practices have stifled the PC industry's growth. "Knowing Apple, why would they want to be held hostage like everyone else has been?"
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Which one to choose
by hraq on Fri 22nd Sep 2006 06:07 UTC
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Lately I was able to configure 2 systems, one with Core2 Duo E6400 ( @2.13Ghz) and one with AMD X2 Athlon 4200+ socket 939.

I used intel board X975XBX for intel CPU and Used Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe for AMD. and then I used the lowest power consumption of both from the BIOS and Control Panel/Power Options. and watched for heat generated by means of IR/Laser Thermometer.

I got AMD CPU to be cooler when idle than intel one, then I was chocked to find this by experience, then I knew why was that. Actually the speed step of intel CPU makes CPU clock down from 2.13 to 1.8GHz while AMD CPU from 2.2GHz to 1.0GHz!! which resulted in 34 degrees celcius AMD CPU while @full power it was not more than 45 degrees. For Intel when Idle Temp was 38 and when working fully was 43 degrees.
But as we all know, CPU average load during the day will be just 1-5% like in my file server and my windows desktop and fedora desktop. So, I concluded that if you are not gonna use the system you build for gamming It would be wise to buy AMD solutions rather than Intel, because in gamming average load is always above 50%.

I used AMD and Intel Boxed Heat Sinks/Fans. and checked temperatures by both Mobo/CPU sensors and laser guided InfraRed thermometer, just for confirmation.
By the way Intel chipsets were unbelievably hotter than AMD one both North bridges and South Bridges (52 vs 32)

I have noticed that Fedora also stepped intel and AMD CPU speeds like windows and thus I achieved these values for these two OSs.

AMD board was using nvidia nforce 4 SLI chipet.

So, maybe Apple might consider AMD without any fear of heat problems.
Lately, I have checked Apple laptops on the show at Fry's Elecetronics, and found the white/black 13" laptops bottom boiling (@ 10 o'clock position).

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