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Gentoo "I love Gentoo, [but] I also hate it with a vengeance. I'm not talking small time peeves here, like the way Krispy Kremes icing gets all over your fingers (and by extension, clothes). I'm talking the type of frustration that is expressed in multitudes of expletives, some of which would make the profinsaurus cry. Why? Because, by definition and by nature, a source-based distribution is its own worst enemy."
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RE: Source Mage GNU/Linux
by pepa on Fri 22nd Sep 2006 21:50 UTC in reply to "Source Mage GNU/Linux"
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I loved the idea of SourceMage, but couldn't quite figure it out at the time (0.9.4), it always kept asking the same configuration questions, I couldn't get it to just go with the current settings when rebuilding. It looked very powerful, more powerful than Gentoo, very fast too, but I couldn't quite get into it. Maybe when there's a bit more documentation on how to actually run & maintain your system I'd try again.

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