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Gentoo "I love Gentoo, [but] I also hate it with a vengeance. I'm not talking small time peeves here, like the way Krispy Kremes icing gets all over your fingers (and by extension, clothes). I'm talking the type of frustration that is expressed in multitudes of expletives, some of which would make the profinsaurus cry. Why? Because, by definition and by nature, a source-based distribution is its own worst enemy."
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RE: Compile time
by WarpKat on Sat 23rd Sep 2006 17:57 UTC in reply to "Compile time"
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"My main problem is compile time..."

Gentoo. It's a source-based distro primarily made to meet the desires of what you NEED a box to be.

I need a MySQL server. It's a MySQL server.

I need a web server. *BOOM!* It's a web server.

I need an IDS. *BLAMMO!* It's an IDS.

I need an IRC server. *BUSH FALLING WITH A LOUD THUD!* It's a place of congregation where people can call each other 'The Devil' and say your religion is 'inhuman and evil.'

I had to build a new box just yesterday. Of course, having a broadband connection helps. But with a BASE system, you can build it to what you NEED it to be and THAT's the REAL power behind a source-based distro, with special emphasis on Gentoo.

My boss was a little concerned with my choice of Gentoo for one of our servers - he'd prefer RedHat's Fedora or Novell's SuSE for the task. They're fine for desktops. Absolutely FANTASTIC for desktops. But there is simply too much bloat if you want/need a simple server and had to choose just between the two. Gentoo, in my humble and honest opinion, fits this bill perfectly.

Let's look at the real factors involved for the time it takes to compile something:
1. Available bandwidth to download source.
2. Available memory (with 512MB being my minimal requirement)
3. CPU speed.

With these minimum requirements, getting a Gentoo box up in a couple of hours is a nice thing, especially since patches and updates to the portage tree are already there - you can't do that with a binary based distro and expect to have a fully updated system in a reasonable amount of time - you have to wait for packages to download, update, download and update again - a process that takes quite a while (read: up to a full work day) if the updater manages to work as expected.

The only thing I needed at this point in time was a simple MySQL server. After the base system was complete (which took me an hour to do), it took me an additional hour to get MySQL installed. And it was the most recent source code available.

Choice is an awesome thing. Choice gives me what I need. Unfortunately, I can't say that for a certain Redmond-based company or a binary-based Linux distro, who try to give me what THEY think I need for a server.

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