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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The project prevails in court litigation against D-Link regarding D-Link's alleged inappropriate and copyright infringing use of parts of the Linux Operating System Kernel. D-Link distributed DSM-G600, a network attached storage device which uses a Linux-based Operating System. However, this distribution was incompliant with the GNU General Public License which covers the Linux Kernel and many other software programs used in the product."
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A more objective review
by desNotes on Sat 23rd Sep 2006 18:53 UTC
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GrokLaw has a good piece on the court case:

It may not excite our troll antik but all in all I think it is a good thing. It is not that the GPL is complicated or difficult to understand. I think it is more of an issue because it isn't written by some big corporation, it isn't legitimate, nor to be taken seriously.

Another broad point concerning litigation is that it happens all the time. How many lawsuits is MS, IBM, Apple, et al involved in, on either side.

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