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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "As part of its server and storage announcements last week, Sun Microsystems said that it finally would be delivering the Trusted Solaris Extensions to its Solaris 10 Unix platform. Trusted Extensions is an add-on to Solaris 10 that gives it beefed up security and makes the platform more attractive to defense contractors, financial services firms, and any other organization that is fervent about security."
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RE: Solaris
by mario on Sun 24th Sep 2006 07:05 UTC in reply to "Solaris"
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"Solaris is making a turnaround with OpenSolaris but I'm afraid it has to compete with FreeBSD and Linux, which have far greater fanfare and corporate backing."

I think you are right, at least as far as Linux is concerned, but the fanfare and glitz & glamour is wearing off, little by little. In my departement, the managerial decision was made to move all our products to Linux. A year and a half later, more than half of them are still runningon Solaris, because Linux just couldn't offer the necessary features. And trust me, some of the high echelons have registered these problems - the whole push towards All Linux is proving a mild disaster, and the architects of it aren't as vocal and visible anymore.

On a side note: why was parent's post modded to -1? I see no reason, it contains a question and a reasonable statement.

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