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AMD AMD chief executive Hector Ruiz said Wednesday that Apple will eventually use its microprocessors alongside those from Intel. Ruiz made the comments during a dinner speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, according to Bloomberg. "Everybody wants choice," he said, adding that rival Intel's practices have stifled the PC industry's growth. "Knowing Apple, why would they want to be held hostage like everyone else has been?"
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VAT is added for Mac's and PC's both, and if we're gonna talk stationary (not laptop), then Apple does have really good prices on their offerings when compared to other pre-built options.

Most comparisons of cost between pre-built and custom-built seems to not take into account the time spent on each before you can start using them. If you assign a cost to each hour spent, don't be surprised if the custom-built end up more "expensive" for equal performance and capacity.

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