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Linux GNOME's Luis Villa has wrote an interesting entry in his blog, explaining why it is in Linux's best interest that distribution communities seek out small Linux OEM companies and help them in providing the best Linux experience possible. "Obviously it is in RH, Canonical, and Novell's interests to actively pursue Big Enterprise Fish like HP and Dell. But I'm really surprised that the communities around these distros haven't sought out the smaller, and potentially growing, companies that are offering computers with Linux pre-installed. It seems like this is a win-win for everyone."
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My take
by Gone fishing on Sun 24th Sep 2006 16:31 UTC
Gone fishing
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Id say Linux is NOW ready for the desktop OK their a few shotgun to the foot problems SLED users might have fun watching DVDs etc. but if low level users are given a set up Linux (say Ubuntu or Suse) box they will be happy and will be able to install the odd program etc. - Synaptic is not difficult.

In terms of Maintaining a good system the low level user will be better off with Linux, - Windows is difficult to keep in good shape, with reasonable security, Id say getting rid of CWS compares in difficulty with installing a non standard driver on Ubuntu No Im lying its much more difficult.

The nephew problem is real, the user who thinks hes a power user because he can install some cool cursors is going to have real difficulty setting up Compiz, but maybe this isnt such a problem the real Windows power user will cope with Ubuntu, Suse etc they will just need to try a bit, use Google.

Id say it is now time for smaller OEMs to build Linux systems they will sell.

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