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Hardware, Embedded Systems The scandal surrounding Hewlett-Packard's investigation into boardroom leaks has claimed its first high-profile victim. HP on Friday said that Patricia Dunn would step down immediately as chairman and board member, to be replaced by CEO Mark Hurd.
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Re: Question @kaiwai
by bannor99 on Sun 24th Sep 2006 18:34 UTC
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The amount of money he's paid is irrelevant.
Also, your argument is a case of the ends justifying the means - that their actions were acceptable because he turned out to be the leak.

Now, as far as researching goes, how about reading this
published 11 days ago.

Here's an excerpt:

""These techniques were practiced on a number of individuals including certain directors, two employees and a number of individuals outside the company, including journalists," Dunn said in a message on Tuesday, a transcript of which was provided by the company. An HP representative confirmed that two current employees had their personal records targeted, but would not identify the employees or say which records were accessed."

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