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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "Gael Duval, the founder of the popular MandrivaLinux project, was fired from Mandriva last spring in an effort to cut costs. Almost immediately afterward, Duval began work on a new GNU/Linux distribution, Ulteo. As of this writing, Ulteo has not yet released its first beta edition, but it should be available soon. While we're all waiting, I figured I'd ask Mr Duval some questions about Ulteo, Mandriva, and starting GNU/Linux projects in general."
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Boycot Mandriva
by pepa on Sun 24th Sep 2006 19:15 UTC
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Reading the interview, and how Mandrake's creator was done away with, is enough reason for me to boycot ever even trying Mandriva again. Boooo for Francois Bancilhon!

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