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General Development "The wxWidgets toolkit contains powerful, cross-platform tools for graphical user interface development. In addition to its native C++, several languages offer wrappers for use with the toolkit. Learn how to use the wxWidgets toolkit to create elegant and highly useful GUIs in your language of choice."
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RE[2]: wxWidgets is a mess.
by Brandybuck on Mon 25th Sep 2006 00:48 UTC in reply to "RE: wxWidgets is a mess."
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Sadly it's the only true cross-platform toolkit now.

Huh? What about Qt? What disqualifies it? I write *true* cross-platform code with Qt professionally. It's what I do. Currently I'm porting a client's ancient MFC-4.0 code to WinXP, Mac OSX, Linux and multiple flavors of Unix. On each platform the appropriate *native* low level libraries are used. Heck, in 4.2 dialog buttons even get reordered according to platform!

How is this not "true cross-platform"?

While you may have a personal dislike for Qt, and find it doesn't meet your project's needs, you cannot argue that it is not true cross-platform. Because it is.

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