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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The project prevails in court litigation against D-Link regarding D-Link's alleged inappropriate and copyright infringing use of parts of the Linux Operating System Kernel. D-Link distributed DSM-G600, a network attached storage device which uses a Linux-based Operating System. However, this distribution was incompliant with the GNU General Public License which covers the Linux Kernel and many other software programs used in the product."
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RE[4]: Seems like great news.
by kwag on Mon 25th Sep 2006 04:29 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Seems like great news."
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"Other companies looks at this and see "Use Linux, Get Sued". It's bad PR."

Yep, that is exactly what is happening, and that is exactly why many manufacturers are starting to get away from any GPL code for any of their designs.
The GPL'ers see it as "Hurray! we won!", while the reality is that every time a violation is pointed out, and steps in or the FSS, you can bet that the company that is in violation will quickly either remove the product from market, or redesign the offending product under a new OS, such as Windriver's or a *BSD.
So the truth is that the users are the ones who really loose, because the new products will now probably have an embedded OS which they have to pay royalties (unless it's BSD based), and the added cost is passed on to consumers.
I'm sure that D-Link will now think twice before using any GPL product in their embedded systems, just like Linksys did, and now the majority of their products are no longer Linux based.
So, choose your poison ;)

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