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Windows Windows XP is turning five years old, but will anybody want to celebrate the occasion? Microsoft's long-anticipated replacement for 'Win 9x' - the series of releases that began with Windows 95 and ended with Windows Millennium Edition - was never supposed to stick around this long. But half a decade after it began shipping on new computers (followed a month later by its retail debut), XP lingers.
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Activation anyone?
by HappyGod on Mon 25th Sep 2006 07:40 UTC
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He didn't even touch on the thing that sent me bolting away from WinXP; Activation.

Only Microsoft would have the arrogance to force you into activating something that you've already paid for. And this disturbing trend is now spreading to other vendors as well.

Imaging what it will be like once EVERY vendor implements activation for EVERY piece of software. Users won't be able to click away the baloon messages fast enough, what a nightmare ...

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