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Linux Despite their best attempts, Linux software companies say they are still having a hard time luring average consumers away from the Windows environment--but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. Novell's vice president: "(Linux on the desktop) is not the sexy story that it used to be. However, there are some very steady and irreversible trends."
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Linux on desktop is evolution, not revolution
by JeffS on Wed 10th Aug 2005 17:18 UTC
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There will never be a "year of the Linux desktop", at least, not in the way most people expect.

Due to the fact MS has such a tight grip on hardware manufacturers, as well as critical mass in device and software support, and due to the fact that most non tech oriented people are afraid of or totally resistent to change, Linux will never make "huge gains" on the home desktop.

due to the fact that Linux is vastly superior to Windows,
and due to the fact that Linux can meet the needs of most people (excluding hardcore gamers, or users of Windows only software),
and due to the fact that there are lots of Linux advocates/companies out there,
and due to the fact that Linux is now totally easy to use,
and due to the fact that Linux is cheap/free,
and due to the fact that there is at least a small percentage of people who do like to try/learn new things ...
Linux will always make slow, steady progress on the desktop.
And as Linux makes those gains, more and more device providers and software providers will jump on the Linux bandwagon, and the adoption rate will increase.

Add to that the fact that Linux is huge on the server side, huge on consumer product side, and becoming huge on the cell phone side, Linux is well on it's way to becoming nearly ubiquitous.

Thus, there are no worries for Linux adoption.

And as for those making comments about "Linux zealots" - there are zealots in all camps, and Mac and Windows are no exception. Plus, the vast majority of Linux users are very friendly, reasonable, helpful people. Just try parusing Distro forums like, or, or, and many others, and you will see people going out of their way trying to be friendly and helpful. So don't make broad-stroke stereotypes based on the behavior of a tiny minority. Doing so is zealotry itself.

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