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Gnome Alexander Larrson (Red Hat), developer and maintainer of gnome-vfs and Nautilus has proposed a plan to replace gnome-vfs. "Having spent the last 4 years as the gnome-vfs maintainer, and even longer as the primary gnome-vfs user (in Nautilus) I'm well aware of the problems it has. I think that we've reached a point where the problems in the gnome-vfs architecture and its position in the stack are now ranking as one of the most problematic aspects of the gnome platform, especially considering the enhancements and quality improvements seen in other parts of the platform. So, I think the time has come for a serious look at what gnome-vfs could be."
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Torsten Rahn
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> Gnome-vfs, Bonobo (remember that?!),
> kde's dcop, artsd et al.

Adding DCOP to this list is completely inappropriate. Actually DCOP which has been added to KDE's architecture in 2000 has been a tremendous success:
Not only do all the KDE applications that are part of the official packages use DCOP excessively but it's also needed and common in use for lots of other applications on DCOP itself has slightly been enhanced since it has been invented and remained largely unchanged since it found its way into the desktop architecture.
If it wasn't for the added benefit of cross desktop availability KDE would have probably stayed with DCOP for KDE 4.

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