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Linux Despite their best attempts, Linux software companies say they are still having a hard time luring average consumers away from the Windows environment--but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. Novell's vice president: "(Linux on the desktop) is not the sexy story that it used to be. However, there are some very steady and irreversible trends."
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@Linux Is Poo
by JeffS on Wed 10th Aug 2005 17:31 UTC
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"So why don't you show me exactly what needs to be done? :-) I followed the instructions for Totem here:

Simple enough, yes? I'm dense because the single command didn't work as expected on a vanilla install? Okay then.

That kids, is why Linux is doomed to fail -- turds like the poster above who automatically insult the intelligence of anyone for whom Linux doesn't work out of the box as expected."

This, from the posters name, to the condescending, invective oriented, juvinile post, is a perfect example of anti-Linux zealotry. It wasn't the Linux fan that was being the zealot, it was this person. I mean, with a nickname like "Linux is Poo", you know the person is a complete unreasonable zealot.
'nuff said.

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