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Linux According to a Gartner report in June this year, the overall thin-client computing market will continue to grow at a steady pace during the next several years. The analyst noted that this growth will be fueled by falling thin-client terminal prices. While the thin-client approach makes Linux PCs easier to manage, there are still kinks to iron out with desktop Linux operating system, according to Gartner.
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This IS in.
by TechGeek on Mon 25th Sep 2006 19:01 UTC
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This was just becoming evident at VMworld 2005. Moreso this year. Many companies are going to the thin client to connect to citrix or virtual desktops. And since linux runs on such lean hardware and over a network connection, it is one of the primary thin client solutions. Linux may end up gaining huge market share, but it won't be like you think. It will be as the OS of choice for thin clients and other appliances. I see this taking over at home before long. This would fix all of the worm/security issues that are caused by users at home who dont know how to use a computer. Think about it. Your OS is downloaded from your ISP, which is an always on connection, at night. You are always updated and secure. If something goes wrong, they can send you a new OS ina matter of minutes. all that will be on your local HDD is your data. MS has already indicated it plans on going to a subscription based model for software. How else do you do that except by requiring people to keep paying for service. There will still be those of us that have regular computers, but you will start seeing the average home user going the appliance route before long.

As for HP, the reason for the 4 user machine is simple. Cost. They calculated it was less expensive to add a couple video cards, which can be multi-headed, and a few sound cards, than to buy Big Iron to run terminal services on. And while the software HP and userful sell is probably proprietary, it can be done without those tools. Just really have to know what you are doing.

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