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FreeBSD Project Evil provides a set of basic functions commonly used by Windows network drivers. These functions are then translated internally to the FreeBSD driver model. To the driver, it appears that it is running in a normal Windows environment. To the OS, it appears that a native FreeBSD kernel module containing the driver is present. This article explains how it works.
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No luck for me.
by adamk on Wed 10th Aug 2005 18:03 UTC
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Sad to say, but I was never able to get Project Evil working for two different wireless cards under FreeBSD. Nor, for that matter, would ndiswrapper work for the same cards under Linux. This is why, when you have the option, you should always choose cards for which there are native drivers. I've had much luck with atheros cards under Linux and FreeBSD.


PS. I'm not trying to diminish the work the developers have done. I'm just pointing out that it doesn't always work the way it should.

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