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Linux Apparantly, Gael Duval has leaked the first bits of information concerning his Ulteo project to the LXF magazine. "You can't fail to notice that in the screenshot he sent us, Ulteo is running inside a web browser. What's more, the screenshot also shows Duval creating a presentation on the 'Ulteo Connected Desktop'. Ulteo is going to be hosted on Duval's own servers, enabling users to connect to their own desktop from anywhere in the world. [...] The system administration and upgrades will be handled at the server end, as too will application installation. [...] Anyone with a browser will be able to use Ulteo - indeed, Ulteo is going to need a broadband connection to work - as the client will only require Java."
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Um . . .
by ojh77 on Tue 26th Sep 2006 15:16 UTC
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I have news for him - remote X servers implemented as a Java applet are nothing new.

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