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OSNews, Generic OSes A common heard question in the operating systems world is, 'if the alternatives to Windows are so much better, why aren't people en masse switching to them?' People come up with all sorts of answers to this question, but in fact, the social psychology world already has a fairly simple answer to this question. This answer also happens to actually explain why Zeta sold so well through the usually superficial television retail channel.
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RE: A simpler answer
by Coxy on Tue 26th Sep 2006 19:11 UTC in reply to "A simpler answer"
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That doesn't make people lazy or stupid. When you bought a new car, did you immediately re spray it or replace the engine with a better and more powerful one? No? Why not... because the car all ready came with a an engine. I guess that makes you stupid?!?

This 'people are too stupid idea' can apply to loads of things... your a geek so you use it for OS's. It makes you feel better than other people. Manta drivers, for example, use the 'people are too stupid idea' with cars. A lot of Manta drivers would think your an idiot for using your car as is... and buying a car from a dealer, well that's just like buying a Dell pre-installed with Windows.

Maybe you should learn about Psychology before you take shots at it... and not that 'I can read your mind' crap you see in American films - I mean real Psychology. You may find it useful and will probably benefit your life.

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