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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Some key features that Sun was touting last year for the Solaris 10 platform are still missing in action. The two most important are the Project Janus Linux runtime environment and the ZFS file system. While there has been much speculation that Sun will withdraw support for Project Janus, this is not the case.
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RE Drivers???
by kaiwai on Sat 9th Jul 2005 05:56 UTC in reply to "RE Drivers???"
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True, also, IIRC, there were a couple of SUN Employees who pointed out that ZFS and the infrastructure exposed a large number of bugs and so forth that needed to be fixed before putting ZFS in, also, another employee outlined the the fact that the current crop of tools to maintain ZFS have been re-written from scratch.

At the same time, why the heck would one want to purchase a computer from anyone else, considering how cheap the Ultra 20 are. They're bloody good value, chuck on Solaris 10, and voila, a very nice desktop/workstation at consumer level prices.

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