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Intel Intel's planning its own version of 'Quadrophenia' for this week's Intel Developer Forum. It has already revealed the code names for the server and desktop versions of those chips: Clovertown and Kentsfield. Those models will be constructed by combining Intel's two newest dual-core processors in those categories in a multichip package. Intel also announced low-end Xeons.
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You may not even need to update the BIOS. I believe it was Tom's (or Anand maybe) who did an article where they popped a pair of Quad-core samples into a Mac Pro. OS X recognized and used all 8 cores.

They didn't do anything special with the BIOS (or EFF in this case) so they're either a drop-in solution or Apple had already included support in their firmware.

At any rate, it seems that 4 (and more) core CPUs are central to Intel's plans, so it wouldn't supprise me that the chips are at least pin-compatible, making platform support a matter of a simple BIOS extension at most.

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