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OSNews, Generic OSes A common heard question in the operating systems world is, 'if the alternatives to Windows are so much better, why aren't people en masse switching to them?' People come up with all sorts of answers to this question, but in fact, the social psychology world already has a fairly simple answer to this question. This answer also happens to actually explain why Zeta sold so well through the usually superficial television retail channel.
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Marketing and ignorance
by csynt on Tue 26th Sep 2006 21:54 UTC
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The salesmen prefer to SELL something that can handle a lot of (fancy) peripherals (ie. sony atrac players, pocketpcs, and some other windows only devicers) so their customers will come again and BUY a lot of software (and h/ware). They only want to SELL this "OS".. even there are BETTER than it!

Just look at (almost) any (branded) pc and every laptop (exept macs) => THEY ALL have win licence on them! This forces the most of their owners to KEEP that OS and not to "sacrifice" it (even they paid for it without to know that) for a new "uncertain-supported" -according to the salesman- OS...

..and I am "talking" about a majority of "customes" young people that HAVE no IDEA about OS/computers.. just they want (too) something to do "everything" including games (what else..)

Its a marketing BRAINWASHING.

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