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OSNews, Generic OSes A common heard question in the operating systems world is, 'if the alternatives to Windows are so much better, why aren't people en masse switching to them?' People come up with all sorts of answers to this question, but in fact, the social psychology world already has a fairly simple answer to this question. This answer also happens to actually explain why Zeta sold so well through the usually superficial television retail channel.
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by blitze on Tue 26th Sep 2006 23:39 UTC
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Even people in the industry have no idea, how do you expect the person on the street to?

The amount of real knowledge out there is limited and most people just get sucked into the 30sec info they are bombarded with on Television (Drug of a Nation, feeding ignorance, breeding missinformation).

Sorry, I couldn't but help quote that line.

Companies like Microsoft Understand this as does Apple but unfortunately for Apple they missed the boat when the PC industry took off. Then again they have their crappy IPod which every man, woman, child and dog has (another crap product for the masses).

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