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Intel Quad-core processors are only the beginning of what a revitalized Intel has to offer, the company's top executives said here Sept. 26. The chip maker will deliver in November its first quad-core processors - chips that incorporate four processors each - for both desktops and servers, said CEO Paul Otellini here, in an opening keynote speech at the Intel Developer Forum. The quad-core chips themselves will offer up to 70 percent greater performance in desktops and 50 percent in servers.
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RE: improvements ?
by borat on Wed 27th Sep 2006 11:48 UTC in reply to "improvements ?"
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i agree. i think dual cores is a pretty great thing even for standard desktops as it can make your system much more responsive when multitasking. however with 4 cores (and fast cores at that) in today's desktops i think there is going to be a lot of people firing up their multithreaded hd video encoder and wondering why each core is only running at 60% load. they will be hitting other bottlenecks, the bus will become saturated with disk io traffic and memory accesses. i'm sure someone can crunch the numbers and get a rough estimation of the impact of this phenomenon.

the new CSI bus from intel is supposed to be their answer to this problem but it doesn't appear to be anywhere near desktops yet. its slated to first be available for xeons and itaniums sometime in 2007.

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