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Windows Microsoft has begun beta testing their solution to the slow and unprotected PC dilemma: Windows OneCare. FlexBeta reviews it: "Would I personally use the Windows OneCare service? Well, it depends on how much MS is going to charge for this service. If the service will range from $10-$20 a year, then I would say it is worth it."
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here's a thought
by kiz01 on Wed 10th Aug 2005 19:40 UTC
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What is it that every company wants? I guaranteed revenue stream. Sure MS sells huge amounts of OSs but it's not constant and predictable. Enter Windows One Care. It starts with the basics and it's cheap. MS starts adding features. Upgrade to the $40 per year subscription and we'll throw in our moviemaker and photo organizing apps, etc. (with free patches/upgrades of course). Upgrade to the $80 version and we'll give you free OS upgrades when they come out. Upgrade to the $120 version and we'll throw in MS Office (home users only).

If everybody that used Windows had the "high end" subscription model that theorized, MS's income would skyrocket, they would have a guaranteed revenue stream, and there wouldn't be much pressure to update their products (after all, you pay the subscription whether or not new products come out).

It may be evil but if I was MS, that's what I'd be doing.

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