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Red Hat Red Hat's OLPC lead has written an update on the OLPC project on his weblog. "I wrote up a long update on where we are in the software and hardware for the One Laptop per Child project. We've gotten a lot done, but I don't think that's been communicated to the outside world very well. So, for the first time, here's an update of where we are."
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Why Marvell was selected
by dcbw on Wed 27th Sep 2006 15:50 UTC
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Marvell was selected because they were willing to do the work to get mesh networking capability in the firmware. To achieve really, really low power and to ensure that when the laptop is sleeping that it is still actively part of the mesh network (and therefore routing other kids packets), you need to have the wireless chip powered up and performing the routing, but keep the main CPU in S3 sleep. That's ~400mW of power, instead of typical 1 - 2W with CPU on.

Marvell was willing to modify their firmware specifically for OLPC to make this work. Nobody else was. Hence, we use Marvell. They are also making the CAFE ASIC that has the NAND flash controller, the camera chip, and the SD controller. They are eager and willing to help and dedicate people to the project, which not many other companies were willing to do.

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