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Linspire In a move that some may have sensed was coming, Eric S. Raymond - one of the co-founders of the open-source movement - has joined the Freespire Leadership Board. Raymond believes desktop Linux is entering into a critical period, noting that historically, users have shifted operating systems during periods of fundamental changes in hardware platforms. He believes the PC vendors' embrace of 64-bit computing will provide desktop Linux a unique window of opportunity, which if missed, may not come along again for many years.
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Good for him
by moleskine on Wed 27th Sep 2006 16:10 UTC
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It'd be pretty mean to begrudge ESR his moment in the limelight here. Maybe he could do with a bit of extra dough, too. Who knows. Does it matter?

I'm not sure ESR is right about the move to 64-bit being all that significant. It probably doesn't mean anything to Joe Sixpack, anyway. More important are interoperability and connectivity. Folks do want an OS to which all kinds of peripherals can connect seamlessly and which can play all sorts of streams and formats. Which would you prefer: a 32-bit OS that works with your camera and external players or a 64-bit one that doesn't?

Someone above mentioned various famous names who could have joined the Freespire board instead. Each one of them would bring a large element of politics, alas, imho. At the moment, Linux generally seems to be going through a bad patch with politics which must be draining energies everywhere.

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