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Linspire In a move that some may have sensed was coming, Eric S. Raymond - one of the co-founders of the open-source movement - has joined the Freespire Leadership Board. Raymond believes desktop Linux is entering into a critical period, noting that historically, users have shifted operating systems during periods of fundamental changes in hardware platforms. He believes the PC vendors' embrace of 64-bit computing will provide desktop Linux a unique window of opportunity, which if missed, may not come along again for many years.
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Hopefully he doesn't do more harm than good.
by jamesd on Wed 27th Sep 2006 16:20 UTC
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Many zellots often let perfect get in the way of good enough, they strive for perfection slowing down forward progress in hopes of getting the next large step that will surely take them into the future with a glorious step, and they never get it all correct so they end up stagnating.

They also spend a great deal of time argueing and fighting for everyone else to wait for the next big step the smart ones take many little steps while still striving for the big one.

I'm also not sure what 64bit brings to the desktop. At least normal everyday users have no need for 64bit, unless they plan to continue to write bloated memory leaking apps, even firefox takes a long time to use 600MB and it still isn't no where close to using its 32 bit address space. Playing videos or animations don't need more than 32bit address space. Yes the OS needs to be 64bit but the userland doesn't not for a desktop system.

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