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Linspire In a move that some may have sensed was coming, Eric S. Raymond - one of the co-founders of the open-source movement - has joined the Freespire Leadership Board. Raymond believes desktop Linux is entering into a critical period, noting that historically, users have shifted operating systems during periods of fundamental changes in hardware platforms. He believes the PC vendors' embrace of 64-bit computing will provide desktop Linux a unique window of opportunity, which if missed, may not come along again for many years.
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by JeffS on Wed 27th Sep 2006 16:41 UTC
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Eric Raymond was a co-founder of OSI - Open Source Initiative, along with Bruce Perens and others.

Whether ESR himself coined the term "Open Source" or not is not known. But the term "Open Source", did in fact, come from OSI.

The term "Open Source" was a reaction to the less business palatable term "Free Software", being touted by RMS. Also, OSI was a more pragmatic, moderate reaction to the Free Software Foundation.

So, ESR has a history of taking the more pragmatic, business palatable stance on open source software, and thus is probably a good fit at the Freespire board.

What he brings to the table, other than name recognition and geek credibility, I don't know.

Disclaimer: I'm not defending ESR. I, too, think he's arrogant and full of himself, and his hyper Libertarian, pro-Gun views can be over the top (similar to RMS's hyper free software, liberalism views can be over the top). But I did figure that some clarification was in order.

ESR was, in fact, a co-founder of OSI.

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