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Windows "Windows Vista is actually quite interesting for an administrator. When I first saw it on MSDN, I thought, "Over 2 Gig's. What could they have done for it to be that large without the drastic new UI?" Well, I have been looking at this thing for about a week now and I uncover more and more each time that I look into it. I am going to cover some of the enhancements that Vista will provide for administrators as well as a few neat little tidbits that I have not seen much of."
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by TechStorm on Wed 10th Aug 2005 20:25 UTC
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I am speculating here, but I think what compartments might be. Some time ago, I read that one of the *NIX OSes (was it Linux or a *BSD?) was going to implement a concept called jails or something like that. Basically, you put different network services (like web server, or FTP server, etc.) in different jails (you may put more than one in each jail) and the idea was that, if a hacker broke into one of those, they would only have gained access to whatever is in one jail, but would have to spend more effort getting into the other jails. Now, I'm not an expert at networking, so maybe someone else could give us more information and/or speculation.

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