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GNU, GPL, Open Source Friday Several kernel developers issued a position paper criticizing the GPLv3 drafts. That prompted Software Freedom Law Center chairman Eben Moglen to issue a 'renewed invitation' yesterday to kernel developers to participate in the GPLv3 process. Linus Torvalds responded to Moglen's statement by saying that his position on the license is clear and that he's "fed up" with the FSF.
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RE: Linus's position is clear
by Simba on Thu 28th Sep 2006 16:11 UTC in reply to "Linus's position is clear"
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"And as the above poster pointed out, Linus wouldn't be in a legal position to simply change the license of the Linux kernel. Other developers worked on it in the past, and continue to work on it. Thus, they would all have to agree to any license change."

No, they wouldn't. Because GPL2 contains a clause that allows a third party to re-release the code under the current version, or at their option, and future version of the GPL license. So Torvalds could, if he wanted to, license all of the code in the Linux kernel under the GPL3 whether the original authors agreed to it or not.

That said, I'm glad Torvalds has taken a stand against the the FSF. The FSF is has gone from being an advocacy group for software rights, to becoming such an extremist group that it is now harmful rather then helpful to the free software movement.

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