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GNU, GPL, Open Source Friday Several kernel developers issued a position paper criticizing the GPLv3 drafts. That prompted Software Freedom Law Center chairman Eben Moglen to issue a 'renewed invitation' yesterday to kernel developers to participate in the GPLv3 process. Linus Torvalds responded to Moglen's statement by saying that his position on the license is clear and that he's "fed up" with the FSF.
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RE: What is the problem again?
by Simba on Thu 28th Sep 2006 16:32 UTC in reply to "What is the problem again?"
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"Remember, he's trying to protect developers and users, in other words, us."

As a professional software developer, I do not agree with this at all. Stallman is in no way protecting my rights as a developoer. He is trying to, with GPL3, strongarm me into playing his game the exact way he wants it to be played, and face consequences that could literally kill my business if I don't play it that way.

I was saying months ago what the Linux kernel developers just started to say last week. GPL3 will kill open source software if it becomes widely adopted. The risks of using open source software are simply too high under the GPL3.

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