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GNU, GPL, Open Source Friday Several kernel developers issued a position paper criticizing the GPLv3 drafts. That prompted Software Freedom Law Center chairman Eben Moglen to issue a 'renewed invitation' yesterday to kernel developers to participate in the GPLv3 process. Linus Torvalds responded to Moglen's statement by saying that his position on the license is clear and that he's "fed up" with the FSF.
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"FREE" and "OPEN"
by Bounty on Thu 28th Sep 2006 19:06 UTC
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I'm not a kernel or GPL guru, but I can say that "FREE" and "OPEN" implies that it can be used for things you don't agree with.

I'm just an end user that hates DRM. As long as Tivo is just adding their DRM programs and not modifying GPL'd code I don't see the problem. In that sense Tivo is free to be jerks. My guess as to why Linus keeps talking about it, is probably because people keep asking him about it.

In freedom, people are free to restrict things they've created or control. Don't like DRM encrusted music? You're free to ignore it. Don't like giving away music? You're free to encrust it and make it as crappy as you want. Linus wants it to stay the same as it's been. FSF wants to control the license they've created? They're all free to do that. I say do what you can get away with.

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