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OSNews, Generic OSes IT managers gathered in New York City earlier this week to get advice from experts on when, why and how to virtualize their server environments. The takeaway from the conference? If you want to run an enterprise-class virtualization platform in production today, stick with VMware.
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I have to agree with . . .
by billnvd on Fri 29th Sep 2006 00:05 UTC
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The general idea of the article. I have had more positive experience with VMwares product, it is a better product. MS is still a newcomer in this arena and while they make a acceptable product, it will be take a while for them to reach the overall quality/feature set/fine tuning level that VMware has achieved.

You also have to figure in that MS forced VMware to provide their entry level products for free. I already have dozens of VM's built. Would I consider switching? Not unless the MS product completely blows VMware out of the water and is free.

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