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Mozilla & Gecko clones Debian adheres to a strict interpretation of what is Free Software and what isn't. The Firefox logo is trademarked, so Debian doesn't consider it to be Free and will not include it as part of its distribution. Mozilla claims that using the Firefox name without the official branding is a trademark violation. Furthermore, Mozilla claims that if Debian runs any patches to the version of Firefox included with Debian distros, it has to run them by Mozilla first for approval. What all this ultimately could mean is that the Firefox name is wiped from the face of Debian and its offshoots. Debian developer Eric Dorland confirmed to that Debian will re-name Firefox and that the re-naming process could be completed as soon as next week.
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RE: So much for freedom
by evad on Fri 29th Sep 2006 09:39 UTC in reply to "So much for freedom"
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I totally agree. Although it may be true that Mozilla can protect "their" Trade Mark, and "their" branding, they forget a few crucial things:

- Firefox and all of the Mozilla projects are open source and have been contributed to by thousands of people. Where do Mozilla get off deciding now that it's solely theirs now and they get to demand Debian has to run all patches by them?

- Debian isn't trying to fork Firefox, it just wants to distribute it, and frankly Debian is massive. Mozilla is shooting itself in the foot.

- Mozilla do not need to protect their brand like this, they really don't. Firefox is massive already, and the brand is understood. How is the brand damaged by Debian releasing it in the distribution?

Common sense prevails here. Although Mozilla may legally be right, stop and ask if legality is actually always the most important thing. Debian sticks to freedom because that is morally and ethically the right thing to do.

Good on you Debian, fight for what is right.

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