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Windows "Earlier this month, when I found I could install Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) on my MacBook Pro, I quickly took the plunge, practically chortling at the thought that my dual-core laptop could run Microsoft's next operating system. What better way to show that when you buy a Mac you get two computers in one? I've been using Vista off and on for a couple of weeks now, but I'm not chortling as much." More here.
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I am sorry it is just that I seem to meet a lot of windows users who think I am a fan-boy or unreasonable because I use an apple computer. I see this repeated in the press and on the internet again and again and get a bit tired of it. I know both linux and windows very well and I think I have some very good reasons to have chosen apple (post os-x) but it has indeed also to do with personal dislikes and what I think a personal computer should be and it is more than just the looks it is also the concept of a computer and how computers change the world we live in . I think what you say about apple and Xerox is just not doing justice to the real story behind the mac but that story does not influence my decision to use a mac today but I think a company who is trying to sell computers may use that kind of image building to sell more computers the modern world is full of that kind of manipulation even open-source projects seem to do it just do not single out apple for that .

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