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Windows "Earlier this month, when I found I could install Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) on my MacBook Pro, I quickly took the plunge, practically chortling at the thought that my dual-core laptop could run Microsoft's next operating system. What better way to show that when you buy a Mac you get two computers in one? I've been using Vista off and on for a couple of weeks now, but I'm not chortling as much." More here.
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Hey I like to play with squeak so I looked at some Allan Kay movies and he showed some research that inspired Xerox I also think those guys were very lucky with the kind of freedom they got there that is the kind of freedom you need to really think different and really innovate how they worked with children to learn them small-talk is also very inspired, that will never happen in Apple or Microsoft or Sun and even the so called agile people are really just hot air and maybe i sound like a kind of a hippy or something I do not even think it is possible in the current economical and political climate. About the apple advertisements I happen to really like the pc guy and do not think the apple advertisements are ever really bad . It is the internet that seems to polarise discussions I fall into that trap myself sometimes and it is not just the apple fan-boy's like me that do that.

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