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Privacy, Security, Encryption Symantec has previously complained that Vista's PatchGuard kernel-protection technology might limit Symantec's ability to protect the kernel with its own software. But what do other security vendors think? Yesterday Sophos' Ron O'Brien told BetaNews that "Nothing about the way PatchGuard works would hinder Sophos' architecture for an enterprise security suite. In fact, he argued, if Microsoft wants to use its own methods to close off the kernel, that's a good thing."
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RE: Another way to read it...
by Jokel on Fri 29th Sep 2006 16:25 UTC in reply to "Another way to read it..."
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Nonono... You got it all wrong..

Of course Microsoft will keep everything secret. You see, they going to sell antivirus software themselves..

Now - why the hell should they give acces to their system internals? They just want to sell an OS with big holes in it, keep ativirus-competition out of the way, and ask the costumers a nice price for the antivirus-software that closes the holes in their OS. By the way - keeping everything secret will get rid of all those nasty free anti-virus software like AVG too!!

There you have it! Sell a leaky OS and a seperate solution for that (preferably on subscription)... oh - and keep competition out of the way.. Result?? .. Double profit!!!

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