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RISC OS "Castle Technology and RISC OS Open Ltd are pleased to announce plans for the opening-up of RISC OS source code. This step is a further major landmark in the development of the highly respected software platform. A primary objective is to bring RISC OS software to a wider community and to encourage growth in both the RISC OS user base and the developer community. This will be augmented by more rapid development of the software base and removal of critical barriers to use, normally associated with proprietary platforms."
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Lets wait and see
by Jokel on Fri 29th Sep 2006 17:47 UTC
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Well - I have used the risc range Acorn computers from the early beginning (anyone renember Arthur?) they hit the shelves. Before that i've used the Super-Elf, Acorn Atom, And BBC-B computers - so the Archimedes was a logical next step.

I would like to play with RiscOS again (yes - i know there are emulators for both Windows and Linux). I hope there will be a port to the x86 (and other) architecture(s), but even if somone is willing to do that it will take a long time I guess. (No - I'm not capable to do it myself I'm afraid)..

So - Lets wait and see..

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