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Windows Microsoft will release just one more build of Windows Vista for testing before the code goes gold, said Brad Goldberg, the general manager for the Windows client business group. That build will be made available to a limited group of between 50000 and 100000 testers in October, and follows the interim Vista build that Microsoft released on Sept. 22. Elsewhere, people noticed that Java applications use the standard (effect-less) Aero interface, instead of the finacy shiny bling-bling Aero Glass.
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Can't have it both ways
by blitze on Sat 30th Sep 2006 05:26 UTC
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And in my honest opinion, I would prefer to see Vista move away from the DOS days of MS computing.

Microsoft might or should develop a WINE environment for Vista to push all the older programs through and leave the OS operating under a modern API.
Then those who want compatability have it but those who move with the times get a lean and mean OS current for the hardware they run it on.

I'm sick of people bitching about not being able to run DOS based programs on Vista. Want to run DOS programs, then load up DOS as an OS. Get over it. Win16 should also be sent to the scrap heap of time as well.

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