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Mac OS X Compared to Panther, the Mac OS X 10.3 system software, Tiger exhibits broad performance improvements. It's noticeably faster at booting the system and loading applications. PDF rendering and all text and graphics rendering is faster with Tiger on late-model Macs. Elsewhere, the new IBM chip could serve a PowerBook G5, but is it too little too late?
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by sappyvcv on Sat 9th Jul 2005 08:35 UTC
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I'm not sure why Longhorn is even brought up in this topic, but I'll bite the bait:

People keep insisting all the good features of longhorn have been removed and it will be a "small" upgrade. Quite funny.

Avalon is a huge makeover. It will be a big leap. Combine XAML with that and you will see some great things once Longhorn is released.

Then there is Indigo, WinFX, Monad, OneCare, LUAs, LDDM, etcetc.

Please, you can say you think Longhorn will suck all you want, but do NOT spread FUD and say it will be a "small upgrade".

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