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FreeBSD "Virtual Bridges, a provider of enterprise and SMB solutions using virtualization for business, announced today the release of Win4BSD Pro Desktop Win4BSD Pro Desktop runs as a FreeBSD/PC-BSD application and allows users to run Windows applications and desktops with seamless ease on the BSD platform. The company also announced that it will be releasing Win4BSD Virtual Desktop Server, a FreeBSD-based desktop consolidation server, during October."
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RE[3]: Sounds interesting!
by kwag on Sun 1st Oct 2006 08:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Sounds interesting!"
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OMG, ronaldst, I was going to post exactly what you just did:! LMAO!
So all I have to say is: DITTO! ;)
I'll just add this: I use *BSDs all the time. At work, and at home.
And I also *have* to use Windows, because of some applications I use, which are just not available for any UNIX OS. So, "Linux on the desktop", for all that keep saying it, "Keep dreaming" ;) I've been hearing that for over 10 years now LOL. It just won't happen, and specially now with the GPL3 disaster about to happen, Linux will have more lossed than gains. What a shame!

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