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Fedora Core The Fedora Project has a pre-release of Fedora Core 6 available for testers. More information on the new features that will be available in Fedora Core 6 is detailed in the release summary draft. This release comes with Compiz/AIGLX which provides all those fancy effects.
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RE: Too many Good things
by kjn9 on Sun 1st Oct 2006 16:41 UTC in reply to "Too many Good things"
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hraq, have you reported this as a bug? It would be a pity if the same mistakes are made in future fedora kernels.

Let's take an example, fedora 5 with the latest kernel and other packages installed rendered nerolinux so slow because the newer kernel didn't support dma=1

tried K3b too, and also no dma. So I tried to pass codes to kernel at grub boot time and no luck, used also "hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc" and error messages appeared, also passed some module changes to modprobe.conf and no positive results.

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